Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Volcanic Ash.

So this whole volcanic ash malarky. So a Volcano in Iceland errupts,  haulting all flights in and out of the UK.( and everywhere else) My Mum and Dad have been stuck in Rome and on Sunday decided that their only chance of getting home is by train! So they set off from Rome, then onto to Zurich, then to Paris, then to a port just outside of Paris to catch a ferry to the UK , Newhaven, where my Aunty then picks them up for an hour journey home. I feel them,  I really do. Especially my Mum who is not one for public transport!

Now luckily they had their holiday but their are thousands of people that didnt even get to go, they got a gorgeous view of Heathrow airport. Now on May 13th, its time for us to travel. Hopefully the volcaninc ash would have pissed off by then. HOWEVER according to news reports a sister volcano could errupt in the next month. Brilliant. Just Brilliant! Now if I and the girls do not get to go, I am not sure what exactly we will do! I will go MENTAL, thousands of pounds spent on a holiday of a lifetime and some silly ash means that there could be problems!!

Also there have been riots in Bangkok.People have been donating their blood for it to poured all over the streets in protest against the current prime minister. How lovely! Things are really looking up for our trip! Positive thoughts , positive thoughts, positive thoughts!

Oh and Congratulations to darling Alicia who got a job as a PR Brand Assistant Manager, and starts as soon as we get back!! Well Well Well Done! Completely and utterly deserved!  x

Thursday, 15 April 2010

errrm ONE MONTH!

ONE MONTH! ONE MONTH! ONE MONTH! excited much! x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


So we have decided to go to Ayutthaya and Kimbers found us this amazing hotel for a bargain price and it looks gorgeous! The picture is of the view from the hotel looking over the ancient city. Thailand is one place that I am looking forward to going the most and with the addition of this mini trip I am even more excited! However there was a programme called 'Big Trouble in Thailand' on the television the other and a girl was put in a Thai prision (Bridgitte Jones styleee) for carrying Marujana and another bloke ended up completely bruised and battered after the legendary Full Moon Party. I am not sure if we will make the Full Moon party but if we do, note to self; 1. Avoid being punched and 2. Stay away from any sort of dodgy looking substance even if it may just be a Tic Tac!

And also we may do a sky dive in NZ! How exciting! My chubby cheeks may not cope well with the extreme wind! I am all for adventure but I may need a bit of a push( maybe more of a shove) out of the plane! Even if we dont do a Sky Dive we will most definitely do something remotely adventurous!! You only live once! x

Sunday, 4 April 2010