Saturday, 22 May 2010

Friday, 21 May 2010

The last couple of days we were on a hill tribe trek!! Hardest thing to do in the world ever!! We did it though, so go us!! I am trying to upload pictures but the computer wont let me! Time is about to run out, but I will keep on trying with the pics!!!!!


Sunday, 16 May 2010

So we arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand after an 11 hour flight, 5 hour wait at Bangkok airport and 1 hour flight to Chiang Mai. We got to the hostel late at night and the heat just hit us! It is ridiculously hot!!! We got greeted by a cockroach too, this was soon dealt with! We also have a resident gheko. On the Saturday we went to the Elephant Nature Park. It has 31 elephants all rescued from situations such as street begging. It was amazing, we got to feed them and bath them, and got told that they rather like the ice cream truck when it visits the park! We also met a Thai man that just wanted to talk to us about David Cameron and how young and good looking he was and that he would great things for our country! In the evening we went for an explore and went for a first night cocktail, it was a reggae bar, turns out reggae music is big in Chiang Mai! We have also been to the Sunday Market which was fab! It is currently a festival where Buddist's give thanks and pay respect to their religion. They buy flowers and place them by the temples and monuments. The atmosphere was amazing! Also it rained today!! Nice and cooling! Tomorrow we are joining our tour group and head off on a trek through the jungle! x

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Time Has Come!

So after sooooooooooooooooo long waiting the day has finally arrived where we embark on our travels. To say I am nervous is a complete and utter UNDERSTATEMENT! I am so excited but this is very much been overtaken by nerves at the moment. We had to change our plans last minute because of riots in Bangkok, so are now travelling onwards to Chiang Mai, where we will  meet our tour, just missing the first few days of the tour. However there is an upside we get to go to an elephant sanctuary on Saturday! There is always an upside!

I have no doubt about it I will have a wonderful time with two of my bestest chums, but I will definitely miss home, family and my gorgeous girls. My friend Melms sent me a wish me luck/keep me safe charm which I plan to wear all the time, Caramaline made me a card, which is hilarious, she always knows the right thing to say. And Sorrel sent my card full of grown up travel advice from her own travels which was fab, I will go and dance on tables just for you Sorrel! And a card from the lovely Bex and not to mention lots of facebook messages!! To know all my friends are thinking of me is amazing. I have written my mum and dad a card to read after I leave just to say thanks for all their help and I know my mum will be a crying mess! Sorry Mum!

I plan to update this often as I can whilst away, even just for my dad who will think he is really 'hip' because he is reading a blog!!